Looking for 1/35 push together Panther tracks

Looking for 1/35 push together plastic tracks (maybe someone has upgraded to metal tracks and not used the kit provided ones) for my what if Leopard project.

Unfortunately the wheels were a loose fit to the suspension arms and had to be glued on. Have just realised I have to glue each individual link but have glued all the sprockets and idler wheels on so I would not be able to remove for painting.

Any help greatly appreciated. Happy to reimburse for tracks. Preferably Australian based.


If you get no response Nick, these may be an option:

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Thanks Peter, these could be a good affordable option. I will have to look into these in detail.

Long out of production, the WW2 production sets are some of the best workable, push together tracks I ever used. They crop up on ebay or at swaps on occasion, but usually at a cost commensurate to their scarcity. If you ever see any, grab them:


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