Looking for 1/35 sailors

With Takom and RPG releasing a variety of 1/35 ships secondary turrets, SAM systems and CIWS, I was wondering if anyone does figures suitable to be stood next to them, casual pose. Idea is to give a sense of scale when viewed by those not familiar with the size of ships systems.
I have found U-model do a WWII US sailor with a broom and also one with a bucket and brush, they also do a Kriegsmarine sailor with broom. However I’m looking for IJN, modern RN, modern USN and modern Russian/Soviet.

I am trying the same thing for my AK-130 I got the Aerobonus sailor #4, I will sand off the crest and it will work for my needs.

For the others there is a need for figures that is missing to my knowledge.

I highly recommend Holden8702 -

Holden8702:: Facebook Page

Luis does really good 3D printing work and can customize figures in all scales. He has an existing catalog of sailor figures (several eras and nationalities) and can scale any of them up or down to any size desired. Alternatively, he can do custom designs if you can’t find what you want in his existing offerings.

IIRC, he has already done some US Navy 1/35 scale figures for a couple of other projects (PT boats and landing craft, I think).

We commissioned him for a series of 1/72 scale Vietnam era US fire support base figures (about 100 unique poses while supplying over 300 individual figures) for a diorama that now resides in our state museum. Most recently I commissioned him to design and print a custom 1/8 scale French turn-of-the-century mechanic for one of my personal projects.

If you reach out to him, please tell him that I sent you his way!

Thanks for the info, I didn’t know Aerobonus did sailors some of those will work.

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Thank Michael I’ll take a look, although I don’t do social media so I’ll see what comes up.

He has a shapeways store.

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Reedoak has released a US Navy modern sailor :



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Henri thank you, I’d completely forgotten about Reedoak, I do have some other figures from them already. That figure is perfect.

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