Looking for 1/35 Tanker with beret

Hey guys, Im looking for a 1/35 tanker with a beret. It dosent matter what country he is from as I will be doing some sculpting to make him a Canadian tanker for my TUA. All I need is a beret with a fairly nice head and a body.
Does anyone think they can help?

Ah. Then the old Italeri WWII British tanker set is out. Not very good anyway.
The best thing I can think of at the moment is the commander figure from the old Tamiya Chieftain. Arms folded in front of him. It was a pretty good figure for its day. But now that I think of of I’m not sure whether it was a half figure or not. If I still have one stashed away it’s yours, but I may have to do some digging.

Edit: The figure I was thinking of is gone. I used it decades ago in a Berlin Centurion. I had hoped I had another. But I do have his buddy. If you want it I’ll send it to you.

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As as for anything Commonwealth related in resin, Accurate - Armour is always my go to site.

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Does it matter what period? Ultracast has some really good ones but they are ww2, not sure how the uniforms changed

Tons of options with berets


Ooh I have that Tamiya Chieftain! It was stil packaged up and I never have looked inside. I can 100% use the fig in it as a base.
Thanks Rob!

Hornet do a bunch of sets of heads with berets which would work.

As for bodies, there’s not a lot out there that match the 90s CF aesthetic you’re going for. Academy used to do an IDF tank crew which were pretty darn close but they’ve updated them and I’ve been scouring for the old set my self with no luck.

If you can find a torso with a Vietnam era flack jacket they’re kinda close to the old CF issue ones, but all the ones I’ve seen out there tend to be in t-shirts or shirtless.

Hornet Ezra. I have no doubt you would use them on other builds.

Page 2 of this site has the various versions left pull, right pull, 1940’s-1950’s, etc

You can probably source them from US local…

The old Tamiya Schutzenpanzer Marder, Leopard 1 and Gepard kits and Italeri’s Leopard 1 A4 all come with figures with berets if you want to check your stash for something that might be usable (but I’d still go the Hornet heads…ears - they have ears! :rofl:)

Even have a go at making one yourself, it is not that hard.:

…and yes this figure has a Hornet ‘Bare’ head

Verlinden has a set. But just one with a beret.

Just note that these figures seem to be 1:32 not 1:35. That said, a 1:35 head on say, the topmost figure might work out.

I have this set and some time ago wanted to install them in a Bundeswehr M113 - way too big, which was really a shame.

Thanks guys!
What I have done is I am modifying the Cheiften tanker because he fits perfectly into the M113 cupola. I just had to shave the jacket off his arms to make it a short sleeve shirt and do some sculpting for the flack jacket.
I will post a pic when the fig is fully built.

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I used one of those Chieftain figures on my Cromwell


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