Looking for 1/350-scale Aircraft Decals

This is probably a long-shot, but does anyone in the UK have the set of aircraft decal markings that accompanied Trumpeter’s 1/350-scale Nimitz? I am currently building a collection of US Navy aircraft in this scale. I have plenty of low-vis markings, but am desperately in need of high-vis national insignia, and other markings. I am prepared to pay a reasonable price (including postage), even if you only have a partial sheet of the decals.



Hi Paul,
Loren Perry’s Gold Medal Models offers a pretty good set of 1/350 Enterprise Airwing Hi-Viz decals that might help…


You can also try davidsscalemodels – David's Scale Models

although he is in the states

Tim & Bushranger,

Thanks for your responses … much appreciated.
Yes, I’d already come across these two suppliers.
Unfortunately, shipping costs from the US are quite high,
so I’ll persevere with trying to source something in the
UK. Alternatively, I could modify some items from my spares
collection, if all else fails.
Actually, the aircraft aren’t intended to be added to a carrier.
I’m creating a diorama showing a radio control aircraft show.
Alongside 1/76-scale figures, the aircraft will be close to
representing 1/4 RC jets and helicopters.
(350 divided by 76 = 4.6, near enough for the overall impression).