Looking for 1/72 rocket pods

hi folks I’m looking for some after market replacement 1/72 rocket pods like the ones below for my cobra build. if someone can steer me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it.

The 19-shot pod is, I think, an LAU-3. You can get them in Hasegawa’s Aircraft Weapons 1. You get 3 pods per tree, 2 trees in the kit. Of course, you get a lot more than just the rocket pods in the kit.

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The 19 shot is the M261 and the 7 shot is the M260 because its US Army. Navy/Marines use the LAU series. CMK did a M260 long ago.

This is technically more modern but could work.

While not what you asked for very similar and used on cobras.

thanks mate,

if i can’t get the 19 shot pods i will roll with the 7 shot pods as the kit ones are utter garbage

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The another option is to get a Special Hobby or AZ model AH-1G kit and use those rockets. Looking around I have found some for around $12. If using the external gun many times they would only have uncovered rockets or 7 shot.

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