Looking for a 1/35 Mine plow for M60 or M1A1

Does anyone have a spare mine plow laying around they wouldn’t mind selling or donating to this build im doing? Ive been looking for one for a couple days and the only ones I can find online are all sold out. Pretty much any modern US mine plow would work. Its for a 1/35 M1A2 Abrams Im working on.

I have one. It’s either the Tamiya M1 Abrams kit or Dragon. I have to look for it. You can have it for the cost of shipping only. Message me with your zip code and I’ll weight it and quote you a shipping cost. Anyway, let me know.

Ok thanks! PM sent!

Mine Plow kit on it’s way, Enjoy!
Please post progress or completed build here on the Kitmaker if you can.