Looking for a couple of cruisers

Well I’ve truly been bitten by my interest in the SW Pacific and while concentrating on the air war I have also picked up on the battle of the Java sea and thought I’d build the ABDA force and this is where I’ve hit a bump.
From what I can tell all the ships are available in 1/700 except HMAS Perth and USS Houston, although the Houston was at one time available from Corsair Armada.
Do any of you know another source or a company that does a Houston and/or Perth?

Nothing I can find on the HMAS Perth but there is a USS Houston by Corsair Armada available on Ebay. No other makers that I can find.

Thanks David, I also found the Houston at Freetime Hobbies they have 1 in stock. Lots of searching and found a Perth on NNT don’t know who the kit is by but an order went in.

Edit; the HMAS Perth is one of NNT’s own kits

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