Looking for a Polish Tank Crewman - Normandy 1944

I am building the excellent 1/35 RFM Sherman Firefly kit, with the intention of portraying a vehicle which served in the Normandy campaign. I will be completing the tank in a mostly buttoned up, combat condition, with the exception of the commander, who I intend to position in a low profile position in the opened T/C hatch.

I had intended to use this figure from Miniart’s British Tank Crew set (#35332). Unfortunately, during assembly I managed to lose the figure’s L/hand, which is separately molded and vanished while I was sanding the excessive mold lines on the part.
In general, I am not very pleased with the quality of the molding of this figure, and I am looking for any suggestions or recommendations for a decent 1944 Polish tank commander figure or a British figure which I can use to portray a Polish tanker.

Thank you for reading this!

Does he have to LOOK Polish?? :grin: Otherwise, any British TC will do! Some choices here: BRITISH EMPIRE
:grinning: :canada:

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I confirm! Each of these figures will be suitable … an eagle on a beret or a helmet and “Poland” on a sleeve and it’s ready!


Just as long as he looks as Polish as me! :wink:

But seriously, thanks for the reply. I guess I’m seeking recommendations for a decent, British tank crewman figure. I’ll make him very Polish looking eventually.

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Ultracast makes a variety of figures fit for this time period (they’re described as British/Canadian, but I’m sure they’d do the trick.) I can say from experience that they are well worth the money.

I’ll post a picture of mine if you want, I used it for the same kit.

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Thank you Dennis!
One of your countrymen replied to my query in the Firefly thread and shared a link to Ultracast. I’ve already noticed a few figures which will meet my requirement. I really appreciate the information, since I had not heard of Ultracast. Hopefully they have some suitable U.S. tankers for my upcoming M4 Sherman build.

Ultracast is one of Canada’s best-kept modelling secrets. The people (person?) behind it stocks a huge amount of resin, decals, and the like, and alot of it is perfect for British/Commonwealth armour. They’re definitely highly-recommended.

Yes, I’m very impressed with their product line.
I just placed an order for a very animated looking British (soon to be Polish) tank commander, who will look very nice in the turret of my Firefly.

Thanks again for the tip! :+1:

been near the top of my list for eons to do a couple Polish Shermans. I should think that when the Poles got to England they had almost nothing to arm themselves with, and thanks to the Brits and USA they got pretty much everything needed. Somebody in the UK once said there was no greater Allie than the Polish.

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By miniart if this helps

These are figures of soldiers from 1939…

To your figures You can use decals of polish shoulder patches and helmet eagels, in offer by TORO- MODEL
Stopnie wojskowe i odznaki jednostek PSZ 1940-46

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Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out!