Looking for a Reference Guide to the Unit Insignia/Markings for Soviet OT-34/76

I am at the decal/marking stage for my 1/35 OT-34/76 kit, and I am looking for reference material in order to chose the correct unit markings for this vehicle. I already own Star Decals 35-C 1224 sheet for OT flame tanks, however I accidentally ruined the markings for the version of the vehicle which I have built. I also have the Verlinden decal sheet #287 ‘Russian Tank Insignia WWII’, however this sheet does not include a identification reference for the insignia on the sheet. I have quite a few T-34 reference books, however the information regarding OT-34 markings is very limited. I have spent over a week of searching the net for information on this subject without any success.
Thank You!

Look at these pictures -


Thanks for sharing the pictures. I recognize one of the photos as being that of the vehicle who’s markings I accidentally ruined. I can make good use of this information, thank you again.

Hello Yuri0352
Look - this photo is from Soviet combat reports.
The general public is not yet known)
Maybe you want to make your own, or an exclusive sample

This is the tank of the 2nd company 516 of the Separate flamethrower tank regiment

That’s a great photo, one which I have not yet seen. The tank which I am building has the ‘Mickey Mouse’ turret without the cupola. I have noticed that the majority of the OT-34/76 photos seem to be of those vehicles with the late turret with cupola. I have since decided to hand paint my own markings on the vehicle, consisting of a simple set of numbers on the turret sides.