Looking for Abrams Trophy, in 1/16th scale?

Perhaps I’m mistaken, but I recall “someone” (?) mentioned a 3D printed trophy system for the 1/16th scale Abrams. I’m not a whiz w/the Shapeways search function, might anyone have a link to a nice, detailed resin/3D Trophy.

you mean this? Took about three seconds to find without using shapeways.
1/16 M1A2 Abram Trophy defense system kit

You’re welcome.

Thank you NewtonK,
I’m embarrassed to say that’s the one I had seen & bookmarked. Bad case of CRS. I’ve not read any comments or reviews of this printers extensive list of products……any thoughts.

FB page for Trumpeter 1:16 build, maybe they may have some insight ?

All good, LAC… Only thing is, I’m kind of tempted, too. And it looks reasonably priced. Of course, if you like options… Free STL file AbramsX "Free"・Object to download and to 3D print・Cults

I am more interested if they will scale it down and print it in 1/35. Message sent, I’ll let you know what they say.

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Thank you Sean, I checked, and FB shows that the Trumpeter 1/16th Abrams builder forum is down??
But thank you for the suggestion…I may have to bite the bullet and order the 3D printed item (along w/the LP remoted commanders WS…
Thanks again and best regards.