Looking for advice on replacement barrels

I am looking for two metal barrels.
Mengs King Tiger, Henchsel turret.
Takom,s M60A1.

I looked at Sprue Brothers and Scale Hobbiest.
Neither had a metal barrel specific to the two kits. Maybe you bought a non specific barrel that fit well and was accurate in length.
I like Aber but there were none listed for those two kits at Sprue Brothers and Scale Hobbiest.

Thanks for your advice.

Do these work?

The RB barrel for the Tiran is not correct for an M60A1 (or any US) tank. The bore evacuator has a rim around it front and back. It also may not fit the Takom opening. It is really detailed; I used one on a Tamiya M60A1, but it had to be modified.

GTG, thanks for the updated information. I was searching on M68 barrels.

The 105mm with the rims on the fume extractor sounds (and looks) like an L7, which was the design on which the USM68 was based. It would be appropriate for a number of vehicles but probably not US-built ones.

The 1st DEF barrel for the AFV M 60A1 should work on the Takom and I am contacting M&M fot the KT barrel. Thank you for your help.

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Interested in hearing how the M60 barrel works out. If you order today it might beat the kit showing up. :joy:

I have ordered from M&M many times, good peeps.