Looking for after-market tow cables for my 1/35 Tiger Ausf.E

I am having trouble finding any tow cables for my 1/35 Tiger Ausf.E build (my first ever attempt at this scale. previously all my models were done in 1/72 scale). I have tried lots of online retailers for these cables, but none have them (out of stock mostly). Can anybody recommend a substitute or a seller that I might have missed? I am after either tow cables from Eureka xxl or karaya, but any manufacturer will do I guess.

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I can’t answer your question, but I’ll point out something that might affect it:
the first 17 (or so) Tigers had thinner cables with smaller end loops. You will know these Tigers because the ends of their cables are near the back of the deck, while all other Tigers have their cable ends up near the front.


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Go on Ebay look at the vendor Dragon-Hobby he seems to have Tiger I cables,he is reasonable and reliable,I have been using him for years


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Have you seen the list of dealers on Eureka XXL website?

At least these two have currently stock:

There was 18 altogether that had the thinner cable. I was just wondering if I could possibly use the tow cable from the Panther Ausf G on my Tiger build? There is not much difference in thickness, but the Panther cable is longer, which can easily be remedied. Thanks for your swift answer DB.

I will have a look thanks.

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I looked at the one on ebay, but the postage ($21) is way too high for me. I have tried everywhere to get one, but still no luck.

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Would a tow cable set for a Ausf. G Panther be ok to use with a Tiger Ausf. E tank ?

I know there is a slight difference in cable thickness and length (panther tow cable is longer), but it is subtle. The length can be corrected easily.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Varanusk, sorry but your link is bad. Missing URL.

More than ten in stock per website.

EBay - Eureka XXL 1/35 Metal Towing Cable for German Tiger I Ausf.E Tank WWII ER-3502

BTW - you can spin your own out of thin gauge beading wire strands, roast the wire with a fireplace lighter and use aftermarket 3D printed tow cable ends if you’re looking for an alternative to buying tow cable sets in many cases.

I dont know,I just checked again,it says $15.50+ free shipping??

If you are somebody concerned enough about the appearance of a detail like this that you are willing to buy replacements, you will not be happy with the appearance of a homemade cable.



Yeah those Eurekas are nice - and probably the easiest cable you will make!

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tow cable for Tiger I, brand new!
And many other cables in 1:35 and 1:48

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