Looking for Amphibian Snorkel/Exhaust for the 1/35 M8 75mm Howitzer

I have an interesting pic of two of these on Leyte. On has the big wide snorkel still attached. Did any of the infinite number of after market suppliers make one that would fit the M8? TIA

Like this one ?

TWS had released one ( TWS0103) but you may have a hard time finding it…


Fine Scale Modeler had a template years ago for making a Sherman exhaust. That could be modified if you cannot find another option.

This seems to be more the left one above

I guess the M8 in the picture you’ve posted still have the complete wading stack fitted, whereas the one in my post has only the lower half. You can see the two halves in the TWS set view (the top half is on the left).



As I recall the Marine had left the bottom stack in place for two reasons, one it was quicker to remove the top half and didn’t obscure the field of vision and firing. Two, it kept the exhaust dust down which helped in not alerting to one’s location. Marines used that same technique in OIF/OEF in the desert. I am sure the Army crews had similar thoughts on the island.

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