Looking for an 'O' Class Destroyer Model! (HMS Obdurate)

Hi Folks,

I’m hoping someone can help, please.

I’m currently working on a project for Rudyard Lake in Staffordshire who are looking to turn their old trip boat into a sort of walk-on attraction/museum.

The trip boat was the Captain’s cutter launch aboard HMS Obdurate which saw some action in the Battle of the Barents sea and North Atlantic Convoys.

I thought it would be nice if we could get a model of the destroyer on display there, ideally as a diorama in an acrylic case. I’ve searched online for models of ‘O’ class destroyers but can only find the tiny 1/700 Tamiya model and an HMS Onslow 1/350 which I believe was a slightly different type of ship (although 1/350 scale could work).

If anyone has any suggestions on how to go about getting this made, or perhaps someone that could build it for us (paid, but unsure of budget at this time) please get in touch.

It could be a nice project for someone, and would be seen by thousands of visitors!


More info about the boat

In terms of the diorama, something similar to this would be fantastic: https://modelshipwrights.com/news/hms-rodney-and-e-class-destroyer-inspirations-by-bera-karoly


Hi Dave, welcome!

I’m not aware of any larger O class destroyers than the Tamiya 1/700, but if you like the diorama with the battleship Rodney, perhaps something similar but with a merchantman (Trumpeter makes a nice Liberty ship in 1/700) set in a tempestuous Barents Sea might be appropriate for your display? I know the 1/700 destroyer would be tiny, but such a display would show the Obdurate in its element and the overall cased-up piece wouldn’t be too big to display aboard a small trip boat.

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Thanks Tim,

I’ll go have a look at the boat next week and figure out how much space we’ve got to play around with inside… perhaps the 1/700 may suffice if it’s done correctly.

I’m not sure I’d fancy my chances at building a stormy sea diorama like that so think I’d prefer to pay for an expert to do it!! :joy:

Perhaps it could be 3D printed also, although that would likely open another can o’ worms! :wink: Cheers