Looking for Cobra Company stuff but is Lone Star Models still alive?


Does anyone know is Lone Star Models is still retailing?
(They bought the Cobra Company molds and stock in 2017/2018 when Chris stopped due to health issues.)

The Lone Star Models Facebook pages don’t have recent posts and the website/wbshop is now just a blank WordPress page.

Did I miss something?

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Lone Star is a one man operation. I haven’t heard/seen anything from him since the pandemic either. Not sure if he didn’t get really behind with COVID.

I talked to Mike on the phone almost two years ago. I had been interested in some 1/48 scale firefighting equipment for a B-25 firebomber. He didn’t sound like he was that into it any more.
Now that I’m into pressure casting I suppose he may have some molds or masters I’d be interested in purchasing.

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If you are able to get the molds to the 1/35 CH-47 interior…I know someone who would be keenly interested in a set. :smirk:

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I don’t need the molds. I’ve made masters. Just trying to figure out if it’s worth my time making new molds.

keep an eye on his facebook page for updates but may be a while . he’s closed at the moment due to illness so the website is down too . last i heard he still had plans for the cobra stuff but everything is on hold at the moment . he is still designing new toys for us to build - his 1/48 Privateer looks awesome …

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Thanks for the replies!!


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For what it’s worth, Mike is caring for his terminally ill wife. I just saw his Facebook page post from I think yesterday or this past weekend, referencing a bunch of posts that now appear to have been deleted. Somebody asked if his website had been hacked and somebody else replied that it looked like it. That said, he posted that he is processing orders that are on the books through a certain date which I don’t know. After that, I think we’re all watching and waiting what will happen. Apparently he posts a lot on hyperscale under the name resin prince. Apparently he does a lot of updating there but I haven’t looked yet.

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Oh wait, so your the guy behind the Ch-47 interior set that was sold by CC? I use to have Floyd’s MH-47 conversions while back and I sold them few years back and would mind getting another. I don’t suppose that was your work also?

I am not. There’s a thread from a while back where I made a set for a CH-47 build but I never made molds for it as there didn’t seem to be much interest. What I would like to do though is make a few more generic spars and then use them use patterns for a CriCut machine. I’m waiting on word from one of our members to see how what thickness of styrene it can cut through.


Rob, if you create one I will buy it. Chinook needs all the love it can get. Especially, in 1/35 scale.