Looking for details on British Armor in Northern Ireland

It’s a top notch update set with some excellent detailing parts. I used it on my Saladin build, one point to note is that on mine the barrel was tapered when in reality it is a constant diameter all along it’s length. Not a major problem as I solved it with some careful sanding.


Excellent. Thanks for the tip.

Amazing that Dragon doesn’t also make a Saracen, considering how ubiquitous they are as well.

But did British armor have a standard pattern at the time? I read much earlier that American armor is camouflaged the same way each vehicle because they use robots. What did they do in 1970?

That goes for other modern vehicles too: the Dutch vehicles in 3 tone NATO camouflage all have the same colour pattern (within their type of course!). This made camouflaging easier: for example the Mercedes terrain vehicles have pieces of tarp to cover their wheel wells (dark holes when not covered) and these were interchangable between each MB. But also the British Typhoon planes had the same pattern. And those were not painted by robots :slight_smile: .

Usually it was two thirds green to one black.After that unless the CO said otherwise use your own imagination😄

Thanks. I was thinking about the lack of standardization in color patterns in many camouflage schemes in vehicles in the past, such as the tanks in Tiananmen square.