Looking for details on British Armor in Northern Ireland

Planning on getting to work on Dragon’s 1/35 Saladin soon. Wondered if anyone could recommend resources for finding out what units were in Northern Ireland during the troubles. I know they had Saracens, Saladins, and Ferret armored cars as well as a centurion AVRE that was used in Operation Motorman. Hoping to find out what units were there and when. I haven’t gotten too far into Tim Pat Coogan’s book on the IRA so I don’t know too much about what he has. Poking around the internet I found a few photos from Motorman but nothing from the mid 70s or into the 80s.

Thanks for any guidance

Osprey have a number of titles covering operations in NI that would probably have what you’re looking for.

Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards in 1964-1965.

Blues and Royals

If you can lay your hands on this book, it appears to have a lot of info on the units

31 July 1972 Operation Motorman

Similar vehicle Ulster February 1972

A British armoured car moves through Strabane, County Tyrone 1969

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Great, thank you! Can’t believe I didn’t think of them, they truly are exhaustive in their publishing.

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Thank you for the book rec and photos, hadn’t come across the color photo before and was having a hard time telling if they deployed with camo.

Click on the bottom Black and white photo to enlarge it and you will see clear camo demarcation: