Looking for details on British Armor in Northern Ireland

Planning on getting to work on Dragon’s 1/35 Saladin soon. Wondered if anyone could recommend resources for finding out what units were in Northern Ireland during the troubles. I know they had Saracens, Saladins, and Ferret armored cars as well as a centurion AVRE that was used in Operation Motorman. Hoping to find out what units were there and when. I haven’t gotten too far into Tim Pat Coogan’s book on the IRA so I don’t know too much about what he has. Poking around the internet I found a few photos from Motorman but nothing from the mid 70s or into the 80s.

Thanks for any guidance

Osprey have a number of titles covering operations in NI that would probably have what you’re looking for.

Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards in 1964-1965.

Blues and Royals

If you can lay your hands on this book, it appears to have a lot of info on the units

31 July 1972 Operation Motorman

Similar vehicle Ulster February 1972

A British armoured car moves through Strabane, County Tyrone 1969


Great, thank you! Can’t believe I didn’t think of them, they truly are exhaustive in their publishing.

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Thank you for the book rec and photos, hadn’t come across the color photo before and was having a hard time telling if they deployed with camo.

Click on the bottom Black and white photo to enlarge it and you will see clear camo demarcation:


Just to let everyone know I bought the Operation Banner book and am reading it. I do remember the Bobby Sands hunger strike from when I was a boy, and the 1983 New York St. Patrick’s Day parade that was boycotted by numerous people, including Senator Kennedy and Patrick Moynihan, because a man from the IRA was the grand marshal. I also remember a Catholic high school teacher being unhappy about the Northern Ireland violence, and later a leftist Irish mass communications professor talking about stereotypes. One example he gave was the century-old stereotype of happy-go-lucky Irish alcoholics, and then suddenly Irish people were killing each other. (He never said anything about either side being right or wrong, and he was a leftist.)

I did want to depict a Saladin car in Northern Ireland, but I don’t know which markings and coloring to use. Yes, many different British regiments went there, but I want to depict one that was right.

On average most units deployed done a three/four month tour so getting a specific unit at any one time is going to be difficult!

The Humber APC (“Pig”) was ubiquitous in NI.

The Saladin in the photo is crewed by 17th/21st Lancer Regiment. The vehicle would probably have carried the Regiment’s dramatic death’s head badge (or “motto” as the Lancers call it).

Did you see this, given some of the poor detail on the Dragon kit?

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Any info on this, Front End Loader?

I just saw this release this morning. Scorpion Miniatures carries it and I ordered one immediately.

It’s an Allis Chalmers TL645 MWT with an armoured cab.


The guy circled is Harry Hunter … my old SCM then RCM … a real hard core old school character … not to be messed with …



After walking away from a burning Saladin, I would not think of messing with him…

Did you notice the credit for the photo:

…another one that was lucky enough to escape a disaster … :wink:

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Yeah he was the Lt Col at HCMR in London during the Hyde Park bombings and then the Col - (Silver Stick in Waiting) of the Blues & Royals (RHG/D) while I was in Germany –


BTW what were the colors for the black/green scheme? NATO black and NATO green?

Thank you !


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Tom, for a black and green scheme in Tamiya acrylic, XF 69 NATO Black would work, and most guys would go XF 65 Field Grey for the green. A good example is this Ferret in Belfast in 1972:

And Saxon:


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