Looking for Ehrhardt E-V/4 M1917 interior pictures?

I am going to build the CSM kit, but the interior is beyond sparsely detailed to say the least.
I have not been able to find any photos of the interior.
Does anyone know of any pics? I know there is one restored or reconstructed in Poland, but its internals don’t seem to be photographed.
Even pics of this vehicle are welcome…

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Pics : https://chodziez.icech.pl/wiadomosc,samochody-pancerne-ehrhardt-1917.html

Forum thread : https://forum.odkrywca.pl/topic/751689-budowa-ehrardt-m17/


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What would we do without your valued support @Frenchy! :star_struck:Merci tres bien!


I checked your links and the youtube link you started with is the most useful… Thanks again…

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