Looking For Help With Acrylic Spray Can Paint

Hi folks,

I am looking for suggestions for an acrylic spray can paint that matches NATO Green and Dark Yellow. I have about 35 to 40 1/48 scale 3D printed modern armor I need to spray paint that I going to mount on my O-Gauge military flat cars I have been converting. I have been using the Tamiya TS-61 for Nato green and TS-3 for Dark Yellow. My wife is ready to kill me from the odor once I bring them in to dry at home. Does anyone make the two colors in acrylic spray and where can I get it. After base painting I then do the wheels, tracks and tools using Tamiya’s acrylic colors in the XF series. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. I need the spray cans as i do not have a spray brush.


Randy T
Bayside NY

Vallejo makes rattle cans and it goes on really well, but you may be on your own for colors. It seems to be games oriented. That being said, I have used it several times and like it.

I use Vallejo Rattle can paint. They have good paint shades. Plus their flat black is perfect as a fine primer.

From L to R; Olive Drab, Desert Yellow, Russian Green 4BO and Feldgrau.

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Perhaps a good time to invest in an airbrush?

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SableLiger & RDT1953

Thanks I ordered a few cans to see how the sand and greens match what I am doing. It does not have to be a perfect match. If we move (I am retired) maybe I will get a hobby room and then I will buy an air brush and set up a painting space. If people saw my work area for building kits and hand painting they would think I am nuts! VBG

Thanks for a response.

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Randy Tegnazian
Bayside Queens USA

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I discovered that the Olive Drab is a beautiful shade that works perfectly with WW2 armor, better than TS-5; The Desert Yellow is a real deep shade of yellowish that would be better suited for terrain, rather than armor, but it’s still a very nice shade, the Dunkelgelb they offer is too greenish IMO. I still think that Tamiya TS-3 is slightly better. The Russian Green 4BO is great for WW2 Soviet Armor; I liked it the most out of all the paints offered in spray can form. Last, but not least, the Feldgrau paint is a good overall paint, but it lacks the slight olive tinge that Tamiya TS-78 offers.

Still, the Vallejo offering provide a real good option for painting vehicles. YMMV.

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I received my order of spray cans. I will try them out later this week and see how they compare to the Tamiya spray cans. The desert sand looks like a good match. The dark green maybe a little too dark but the vechicles will still look good on my O-Gauge military flat cars. I also bought the German gray for when I start working on my 1/35 scale German early war armor. VBG.

Thanks for the suggestions