Looking for info on a LVT-2 Mod

Probably a long shot, but I’m looking for any info, drawings or photos from other angles on a ramp LVT-2 mod carried out in the Pacific. From what I’ve found 10 were built.

Here’s the one photo I’ve found.


You’ll find more about the “Doodlebug” here :


Just open the pics and drawings in new tabs to enlarge them…



Frenchy, merci

How you know where to find all the information I’ll never know but thank you for knowing.

You’re welcome Luciano :wink:

There’s a 1/72nd scale kit available from MGM



Great topic! What could the connected strips be?

Thanks again Frenchy, interesting photos and knowing there’s a kit all be it in 1/72. I’m planning to build one in 1/56, I know an odd scale but it stemmed from buying some very detailed wargaming kits of a few LVTs from Rubicon models; LVT-2, LVT(A)-2, LVT(A)-1, LVT(A)-4 and a LVT-4.

Good question Piotr, chains maybe?

Steel rope?

Piotr, Ok checked the drawing from the site Frenchy provided and enlarged one of the photos, drawing states ‘bolted’ while the photo clearly shows a tube covering the connector between the planks. So in 1/56 I can get away with plastic rod.

I think at that scale plastic rod would be ok. The plan calls out 3/4” steel cable through the timbers and 1 1/2” pipe spacer between the timbers over the cable.

Looks like once laid out 6x6x6 spacers are placed every other timber, probably near the cables as only 29 are provided.

Just found a few more period views…



@Tank_1812 Ryan, thank you, I agree with a pipe spacer over the cable using plastic rod in the smaller scale I’ll be working should work.

@Frenchy, more photos! Merci :slight_smile:

Mmm… another question comes to mind, we’re these olive drab or ocean grey?

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I would go with Ocean Grey.

Not sure, I have seen Ocean Grey, Olive Drab and camo on LVT-2’s.

These look to be single colour so I’d rule out the camo option.

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Hi Luciano

I scratch built one a long time ago in 1/35 scale. The vehicle is called LVT doodlebug.
I used pictures and sites that Frenchy send me and as he is doing in the post.