Looking for interior pics of M113 TOW , first edition, not ITV

I m building M113 TOW Vehicle first edition, just with tow launcher in the back hatch located, not ITV (see attached picture). Does anybody have pics of interior of that vehicle?




Hobby Fan used to offer a conversion set. It had a pretty accurate interior you can see a bit of below.

Here is a better pic. There was a standard bench seat on the left side of the hull.

The TOW mount slid up and down on the two pipes behind the TC’s seat pedestal mount in the roof top crew hatch. You can find a TOW rack that can be modified to work at Shapeways.


thanks for you reply and pic :slight_smile:

I ve got both: the Hobbyfan TOW and the Azimuth TOW Conversions, but still there are some inaccuracies…maybe somebody has some more pictures of interior…especially radio station and the tow rack on the right side…

Have you tried searching for the Technical Manual ™ for the M113 series that would be dated around 1974-78? I was in a Mech Infantry Combat Support Company in that time period, and we received those early model TOW tracks to replace the M825 TOW jeeps we had (and the M151A1C 106mm recoilless rifle jeeps before that!). Unfortunately, this was the time of the 110 film cameras that were worth nothing for detail photos.

Another option for the TOW missile rack is the Italeri LAV TUA. I got one at a really cheap price a couple of years ago.

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Here are a few pages from the vehicle manual

The parts from the Hobby Fan kit before I sold it. The sprue in the kis is from the AFV Club TOW Wiesel.

Thanks for all replies. Still haven t many pics of inside it :frowning:

I’ve got interior pictures of the Danish version. That’s it. Very close to the Tank magazine drawings I posted.

Could you send a link please?

Here is the TM for the TOW system, including ground mounts and various vehicle mounts such as the M113. Lots of drawings and just about anything you need to know.


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I don’t remember where I got these from. Might have been the old Tanx Heaven site.


The rest


Gerät, thanks alot :star_struck:

Excellent photos! Man that looks as crammed in there as the ITV was… I can only image when it was combat loaded…

C’mon we had enough room in the back of our ITV to play Dungeons & Dragons on a map board we scrounged.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Not enough time up all night spent on over watch obviously…

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Any progress in the work ??Interesting topic … can you buy one of these conversions somewhere?