Looking For Italeri HMMWV Avenger (6387)

I am looking for a kit of the Italeri HMMWV Avenger (6387). If you have on in the stash, let me know.

I will buy it or have lots to trade.

Trade list:

Gino, I have an ESCI 5025 M998 Avenger if you can’t find the Italeri kit.

Thanks, but I have the Esci kit already and it is horrible. I was planning on just using the Avenger parts and putting them onto another HMMWV (already knowing the Esci HMMWV was bad), but they suck as well. Not really anything usable out of it…maybe the tires.

Hi GIno,
I have both the MR Models conversion and the Italeri Avenger kits build. IMHO, the MR Model conversion is way better but OOP. This probably due the Matthias Roth wasn´t able to make a good canopy from transparent resin. I have REAL good reference on the system and I can compare the Italeri release to them. Problem is WHERE in my stash the Italeri parts are. :grinning: But I don´t think that building the turret from scratch is too difficult. All you need is a pair of Stinger launch boxes.

Hi Gino.

I have one. Email is out.


PM sent to you.

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