Looking For Italeri T-34/85 spare part

Hi All,

I’ve been working on my Italeri T-34/85 Zavod 183 Mod. 44 kit (No. 6545), and I’m really well along, and I just realized today that I am missing part D13 (D sprue, part 13, a part for the top of the turret). I honestly can’t say if I may have removed the part from the sprue some time ago and misplaced it, or if it was missing originally (I’m leaning toward the latter), and I’ve just written to Italeri to see if they have that part, or the entire D sprue, available. I have no problem paying for it. I am super unhappy though, as I’ve done a ton of work on this tank, and that part is significant and I can’t imagine finishing the tank without it.

I’m posting to see if anyone, by any chance, happens to have a spare part, or perhaps this kit which they aren’t planning to build, and might have one. I’d be happy to pay for the part and postage, in the unlikely event that someone out there can help me. Thanks in advance.

Share a picture bud as parts from a different model kit may help

Will do, sir, thanks for the help!!

Here is a link to the instruction page. The part I’m looking for is circled in red (13D).


I believe that is the venting system but I am no expert and so someone should be able to help. If no one in the US can help I will have a dig through and see how to get it to you cheaply.

I believe you are correct. I will look and see what I have. I know some of my T-34’s will be turret less as a ARV.

Is this kit a repop of the Dragon kit ?

Should not make any odds Metal as it is a universal part.

Yeah I was just curious. I’ll check my stash to see if I have an extra one lying around. I have a few old Tamiya T-34s I think

Gentlemen, you are are all fabulous!! Just your willingness to take a look means a huge amount to me! CMOT, I also don’t know for sure, but the location of the part would make sense as part of the tank/turret venting system. To answer metalhead85, no, this is not a rebox of any kit. Italeri did all new tooling for this T-34/85 kit, but even so, the hull has some texture that many people have criticized. But, once painted and weathered, the photos I’ve seen mostly minimize the inappropriate hull texture. I will be super happy if I can get even a plastic part that is even close to resembling the part I"m missing. I also have the RFM version of the T-34/85, and it has the same part, but I’m going to build that kit soon, and I need that part for that tank. If anyone needs a photo of the actual plastic part, I can take a few pictures of the RFM part and post them…just let me know. Lastly, my son has a 3D printer. I don’t know if he has the capability of scanning an object and then duplicate it via the printer. I’ll talk to him later today, Still, I think if I could get a part from any of you, that would be the best option. Money is not a consideration. I’ll be happy to pay whatever you would like plus shipping, as long as it’s not more expensive than a whole new kit LOL I did think about that as an option, and perhaps I’ll go THAT route if NOTHING else pans out, but I’ll wait and see!

They’re armored covers for the fans. Often seen separately, but on some turrets paired together like that. I have looked through every kit of the T-34 I have, and they’re all single covers, except for an ancient Tamiya T-34/85. Unfortunately it is molded onto the turret top in that old kit. I’m still looking though - Maquette used to make an unusual turret that may have had that arrangement. If it did, and if I can locate it, it’s yours.

I had to move five motorcycles and two cars out of the way to get my attic stairs down, but I found one.

Send me your address.
Now, if anyone has a few Sherman pressed wheels they can spare…

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You, sir, are a superstar…you have saved my build! I can’t say thank you enough!! Separate message sent. :slightly_smiling_face: :grinning: :smile:

Which wheels are the pressed ones? I did an Asuka Sherman years ago, and kept all the space parts. I did the ‘spoked’ wheel on it…but I’m sure I still have the ‘solid’ wheels/tires. Is that what you need? If so, let me verify, and they’re yours.


18bravo has come to my rescue, many thanks to him! So, no one else need spend any more time looking for a spare for me. Many, many thanks to everyone who offered to assist. I love these forums for many reasons, this being one of them, modelers helping modelers!


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