Looking for LO MODEL 1/35 US TANK CONVERSION ACCESSORY 3501 - M48A2GA2, M48A5, M60A3

Im looking for the lo models Us tank conversion accessory set for lo models
see attached pic and im wondering if anyone has this in their stash they are willing to part with it
Iv searched on ebay only one listing for it and a guy wants $74 for 3 sets I dont need 3 of them

24 bucks seems not unreasonable for an out of production kit, just need to find buyers for the other 2.

Not sure if you’ve seen my review of this set on the old Armorama site: https://archive.armorama.com/review/11685/index.htm

Frankly I wouldn’t pay more than $10 for it, and only if you desperately need something that hasn’t been done better since in a “modern” kit. I certainly wouldn’t pay $74 bucks for a three-pack of this stuff!

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All those conversions are available as kits now. Revell Germany makes the M48A2GA2, Dragon makes the M48A5, and there are several M60A3s to be found… or the old Verlinden M60/M48 set covers the two US versions if you need one of those.

Let me check my stash, I might have it still.

Or, if you need specific parts, I have some leftovers. I have to agree with 'digger though, they’re not very good parts.

The M68 105mm and urdain coupola to make a Magach 3 or a Magach 5 on a M48A3 not sure if there is any thing else i need

DEF has a very nice Urdan cupola and I’m sure there must be a couple more from other brands.


That depends upon the timeframe.
For a basic Magach 3, it’s the main gun and cuopla.
Tracks and air cleaners (top loading) may need to be changed for a Magach 5, plus adding the ERA fit and smoke grenade launchers, and TC’s 60mm mortar.

Depends, some Magach 3s in '73 Yom Kipper War had Sherman cupolas with M1919 Browning .30 cals and armored air cleaners.

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Here are a few more variations on 1973 Magach 3 configurations

I have a couple of the older Academy Urdan cupolas, better than the Lo Model but still a bit large. I also have several Verlinden parts in resin but I think they’re a touch small. I’m pretty sure I have the gun tubes in either plastic or resin also. I’ll take a look here shortly.

Are you looking for the whole package or just parts?

I used the set back in the early 1990’s and thought it was pretty sorry and low quality.

FWIW - Here’s one for just under $20, the hobby shop lists a phone number so it might be worth a call to verify they still have it.

Lo Model - us-tank-conversion-accessory

I finally checked my stash and I found it. It is complete and with directions. It’s yours if you want it.

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thank yoiu