Looking for M2HB with flash hiders

Looking to acquire a set of live resin M2HB with flash hiders.
Top price would
Be paid please let
Me know if you have or know where I could get some? Thanks
MBK don’t have stock

Title edited from flask from flash …

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@D_J_Melia Models Hobby has them. They are located in Russia though and I ordered from them before the Ukraine War. I am not sure if they are still legit and how Russian post is now.


Or you can order the Live-Resin M2HB set from BNAWorld in Australia. They are Out of Stock on the M2HB flash hiders as practically all other online shops are out too.


Doesn’t look difficult to CAD and 3D print. If interested in going through the 3D print route, are you located in the US or if not, do you have an access to a 3D printer or know someone who can do so for you?

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