Looking for modern US smoke- and frag grenades

I´m in the progress of building a Humvee GMV and need some smoke- and frag grenades. I´m aware of Live Resin and Bravo 6 but I´m not interested in buying anything Russian at the moment. My searching has been without luck so far. I would appriciate any advice on other vendors.


have you tried Shapeways? someone might have made 3D printed version

Yup, but wrong type and wrong scale.

I saw someone had posted a picture of some grenades they had printed in 1/35. I forgot if it was Reddit or Facebook but I’ll try finding it again.

Edit: no dice. I don’t know where they went to.


If you don’t find any printed ones, Dragon’s Vietnam figure sets have them. They are pretty nice too.

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Thanks, Gino. Much appriciated. Just what I was looking for.




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Just what I was looking for. Unfortunately they do not ship to Norway :confounded:

Bravo 6 did a set. just gotta find it now.

As I said, I´m not interested in buying anything Russian.

Brovo 6 no longer producing smoke grenade set, I would like to see some one do a set of smoke grenades as they are very prominent on Vietnam era vehicles. Also boycotting Russian made stuff.

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LIANG-0422 (mix of Lemon, Pineapple and Smoke grenades , sadly no baseball ones) I have a couple of the sets, and they’re pretty accurate.


In case you need some, Peddinghaus has released markings for the M18 smoke grenades


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Those are just WWII grenades. OP is looking for modern grenades.

@Erik67 - if you want, I’ll buy these grenades for you and send them to Norway.

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Wow, those are cool.

I think the title isn’t fully accurate. The Lemons didn’t come out till after WWII (and you can clearly see them in the set) They incorrectly call them MK1 which mk1/2 were both a pineapple type. the Mk3 is pretty damn close to a modern smoke grenade. IMHO.

Sweet, I will send you a PM

Wow! They have some neat stuff!