Looking for more 3D print ideas

For those that don’t know I’m a CAD designer by day. I have an existing Shapeways store, and my own 3D printer as well. I’m not looking to setup a website right now, but am always looking for Ideas to 3D print.

My latest creation is a 1ton chainfall

Feel free to add suggestions, or wants and I’ll see what I can do, either through Shapeways or my own printer.



Hey Matt,
I’ve always been interested in a set of Okinawa gun shields for the M113.

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I’m guessing there’s more pics in this thread on the old forums?

Yes, there are a bunch of links and photos there. Unfortunately nothing as far as dimensions.
I’ve attempted to scratch them several times, mostly just by eyeballing things.

I’ll see what I can come up with :slight_smile:

L7 105mm and 20 pounder type b Barrel for tamiya 1/25 centurion, later storage boxes on track guard’s, later lights. This would bring it more up to date from the original mk3.

Hey Matt,

Your 3D printed chainfall looks great!

I’m looking for some Japanese Navy ammo boxes in 1/200 scale.

I purchased some of these from Shapeways, but they had those Lego-like 3D printing layer steps and were a disappointment. Your home resin 3D printer product looks MUCH better!