Looking for old Miniart sewer manhole covers and street drain grates

I remember lots of their diorama sprues had various extra manhole covers and street water drainage grates included with the parts necessary for their models, for some reason. I would like to gather up a few of each for dioramas I hope to make in the future for various tanks, etc. If you have any you don’t see a need for, would appreciate your giving me a shout. Thanks. Arthur. BTW I am at fifiATcncnetDOTcom

Hi Arthur, I don’t have the particular Miniart parts, but can certainly CAD and 3D print those if you want.
Let me know if you have not had much luck with the Miniart parts.

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Hi James–Thanks for the reply, but I have some coming along with misc. other parts too. Should probably be set the for the rest of my like with sewer lids! Again, thanks. Arthur

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