Looking for one-piece tracks

Hi All,

I have RFM’s M1A1 Desert Storm to build and am looking for a set of AFV Club Bigfoot tracks for it.



6 listings for them on Ebay. Search for AFV Cub AF35271. AFV Club 1/35 AF35271 US Big Foot Track for AAV7 / M2A2 / CV90 4716965352714 | eBay

Thanks for sharing. Is the track on M1A2 same as on M1A1?

No they are not the same. I guess you are looking for these?

Hi Erik

No, I’m trying to avoid the workable tracks. The one piece track is what I’m looking for.

Thanks anyway.

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To my knowledge AFV Club does not make «rubber band» tracks, but I can be wrong.

Put a set on my AAVR and the several M113 I built recently.

Unfortunately, AFV Club (nor any other company that I know of) does not make rubber band tracks for the Abrams, only their indi-link sets.

Thanks Gino.

M2A2 would be a Bradley IFV.

Ooops! Brain fart. Thought it said M1A2 …

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