Looking for opinions on 1/35 scale German Maus kits

Can anyone or two help with suggestions on the purchase of a 1/35 German Maus? Who are manufacturers to compare? The insides are not important, but would like link tracks, tanks for input for a well detailed kit?

Good luck. The real options are the Dragon kit from 1993 or the Takom kit from 2017. Only problem is the Dragon kit fails your link requirement. Another problem is no one outside of China seems to have either kit and most of those are for the first Takom kit which is of the V1 prototype that had the weight instead of the turret. They generally run about $60-$70 and will arrive anytime from January to March. There is a Trumpeter kit as well but they are over $100 on ebay.

I’ve been trying to get my hands on one myself. Should have bought one last year.

In Australia, more than 10 available …

a-modeler / BNA Model World are totally OK to deal with, 100% recommended

Track sprue in Takoms kit

The Dragon kit, #6007 from 1993, sprue images:

The tracks and suspension parts:

It had issues, not an easy build.
Dragon kit on ebay:

That’s about $85 shipped to the U.S.

Twice what they were a year ago.

Well, prices can go up and prices can go down.
Sometimes it is worth waiting for and sometimes waiting is a bad mistake.

I never wait …

Trumpeter make a good set of workable track links that I think are great for the price.

Trumpeter makes one. I don’t recommend it as it’s missing details on the front of the hull

Thank you Robin for your time and suggestions on my best avenues to the it seems at this time it’s hard to get much with everything broken down in the world but I’m sure glad I can remember my pass words to get back on I push remember but well it took awhile again for your guidance! Brock

Hello brekinapez, you are so right everything went up.so I may he to cool the jets down and wait that’s hard if not in front of build table thanks Brock

Hello CMOT, Thanks I like the Trumpeter brand so I’m having problems with China supplier may have to find new retail supplier I have a Maus trail transportwagen made but now do to airborne worldwide sickness it hard to get much at this time period may need to hold my horses thanks and Best wishes

At £10 a set or there abouts they are a good buy that opens your options up.

I’ve built the Takom Maus V2, the engineering is sooo good, you can assemble the suspension without glue or paint & it holds together. Tracks can be assembled to work, if sparing with the glue

Also available in 1/72 (various) & 1/100 (Zvesda) scales