Looking for Polish Firefly VC decals

Hi fellows,
I have the Tasca Firefly VC kit, and want to build it as a Polish vehicle in use in Normandy 1944. The decals included are of a Polish vehicle, but not in Normandy? I see one sheet by Star Decals, but it is sold out everywhere. Is there someone who want to depart of the Polish decals of this sheet (B marking)?

*Edit: I see them on Ebay, but shipping to the Netherlands is more expensive than the sheet itself!

Would these markings form the RFM kit work? I plan to make mine a Canadian one and won’t need the polish markings

Thanks for the answer. They are identical to the ones in the Tasca kit!

Darn too bad, sorry!

No worries. I am happy you do a good suggestion… :+1::smiling_face:

That decal sheet has been discontinued. This one is available.

Yes I have seen that.
The sheet you shown us nice, but I can’t figure out which is Polish, and there certainly is no Normandy vehicle on it. I know I sound peckish, but that is not my intention. I just want to try and see if I am able to aquire the one I have in mind, before going to plan B.

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Erwin , …


Thanks Glenn,
That is exactly what I am looking for, but seems to be unavailable by the regular shops… The problem with ordering abroad is that shipping costs are higher than the value of the decals themselves…


Read the shipping costs on the first link I gave you .
They don’t seem to be too expensive .
I swear to God Erwin , … if I gave you a gold ingot … you would complain about how heavy it is …
Love ya anyway …

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I didn’t see it is shipping from Sweden. I only saw US Dollar, so I assumed it would be shipped from the US.