Looking for rubber Sherman T54E1 duckbill and T80 HVSS tracks

Hello people!
In order to be able to complete 2 builds, a Sherman M4A3 Ardennes and Sherman Easy Eight Korea, I am looking for the tracks mentioned.

Can anyone help out please?

Looks like I am set for the Easy Eight tracks. They’re on their way!

Now all I need are those old tracks with duckbills!

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I have a set of tracks with duckbills, but they’re indi link with only T62/T51 pads.

Hi Annette… or is it Dominic?
Thanks for the offer, but it is not what I am looking for.

How about a set DS tracks from DML M4-A3 ? Let me know
Semper Fi

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Hi Gary!
Thank you so much for the offer, but I have received what I asked for.
I just do not know how to close this thread?