Looking For Some Foliage

…for a Jagdpanther I am working on.
I need some evergreen/ coniferous type foliage to hang around the exterior of the vehicle for camouflage. A US vendor/shop would be best due to the current shipping hassles that seem to crop up.

Have a look in the imitation plant section of somewhere like Michaels Crafts stores. They have some very fine fern that I have used for conifer branches. It does need a spray because the colour is too uniform.

Also the diorama section, usually located near the model section, at least in Hobby Lobby.

Maybe consider getting one of the pine tree kits from a company like Scenic Factory:

Scenic Factory 6" Pine Tree Kit

They also sell just the pine tree branches:

Scenic Factory Pine Tree Branches

There are some other companies that offer similar tree kits for model railroaders.

You might want to look into Asparagus Plumosis. You can get packs of em off of Etsy for a fairly good price, and they look very “in scale”.