Looking for suggestions of a good aircraft kit

Hello everyone,
I’m back in the modelling seat and it’s better than ever…
I got back into modeling after a couple year hiatus and have since built 3 tanks. It’s been a long time since I’ve built a plane kit but think I want to get back into it. I’m looking for suggestions of a good kit to get back into it. My main interest is WW2 but I am also interested in modern stuff too. To help narrow it down my top 6 interest would be:

Bf-109 Dynam Messerschmitt BF-109 V2 RC Warbird Plane 1270mm
F4U Corsair
WW2 allied bomber (Lancaster, B-17, etc, I’m not too picky
Stuka Ju-87
CF-188 (my grandpa was in the RCAF for a while and recently passed, so this would interest me. He wasn’t a pilot but still)



Welcome aboard.

You didn’t mention scale as that can impact selection.

1/48 Tamiya for the 109, F4U and F-16
1/48 Hasegawa or Kinetic CF-188
1/72 new Airfix B-17, Hasegawa B-24

Hope that helps

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Hasegawa makes a really good line of 1/32 Aircraft kits from WWII. I like their Japanese line of planes.

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I concur with @Tank_1812. Hard to beat Tamiya for anything F-16 related in 1/72, 1/48, or 1/32.

Their 109G is also great and offers an engine with removable cowlings.

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If you like 1/72 aircraft, Arma Hobbies produce some really good kits. Their “Expert” kits contain PE to fully detail the kit, masks for painting the canopies, and tons of decals for several aircraft. Eduard kits are also very similar.
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I’m currently building the Kinetic Cf-188, my grandpa was also RCAF. It’s a really nice kit.

The tamiya F-16 is also fantastic.

For F4U Corsair the hobbyboss offerings are nice

The Airfix Stuka is a stupendous kit from what I have heard. I have it but have not built it yet


Welcome kamille and hope you enjoy your time here. Plenty of knowledgeable guys here and regarding the above replies, they have given some great advice already.
Hope to see some of your work soon. Having a relative who was in the Mil is a nice thought and the CF 188 would be a cool plan.

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