Looking for TAKOM FV432 1/35 plastic tracks

I am looking for TAKOM 1/35 plastic tracks of FV432 (Sprue D) to buy. Maybe someone from the UK or EU has dropped these in change for single link tracks and still has them in spare. Offers welcome. Would have to be sent to Germany.

Thank you, Andreas

Andreas, I can help you out here as I have a set of Friuls for my model. Let me explore the postage for Germany. If at the same time you send me your address by PM and I’ll let you know further. I won’t be able to take any action until Monday.



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Hi Brian,
thank you very much. PM sent.

Best regards

Hi all,

actually I am looking for 1 to 2 more sets for other old Accurate Armour kits to use instead of their resin tracks. So, if someone other also has the plastic tracks in spare, that would be also welcome!


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