Looking for the best metallic shiny acrylic paint

So I am building the Razor Crest, and would like to have a nice, metallic finish. (I am also getting the N1 starfighter) I have several types of acrylic paints (Vallejo chrome, etc etc), but none of them are particularly convincing on large surfaces. I know that Alclad is the best there is, but I am not equipped to spray organic solvents at home -so acrylic it is.
I thought that perhaps Green Stuff World’s chrome/black chrome might do- they have a brush and an airbrush formulation. I only used the brush so far, but it is astonishing. However it may be just too chrome(ish)… Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Use different primer colours on different panels, black, white, grey, red, tan/honey, and others that will give you different shades to your chrome top coat. try on a test surface first as the red may not be suitable but worth a try and you may get interesting result from other colours. Make sure the primer coat is polished to a gloss finish to get the max from the chrome. Vary with the odd matt or satin primer panel.

Same method is used with Alclad.

Thank you very much for the response. So the Green Stuff World Chrome would work? That is great to hear. (Small apartment, children, not very effective fume-hood…). And thank you for the suggestions about the usage- much appreciated.

(Next I know I will do a 1/32 B-29 next time…)

Best thing I’ve found is to get a pack of cheap plastic spoons or ‘borrow’ from your favourite take away, prime the outer surface with each of the different colours writing which colour you used on the inner surface then treat the primed surface as you would the model. Lastly apply the top coat.

Used this technique when I brought a set of Green Stuff metal flip paints and didn’t know what they would look like on a car kit so lined them up applied the paints, then once dry I was able to see the effect on the round surface of the spoons.

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Are there any rattle cans one the market for good results ?
I will try the BELTON metallic effect as next ( when i manage it to visit their store at open times here in Hannover City ) .

It’s not acrylic, but Revell’s spray chrome is VERY good. My friend is also building the Razor Crest and he’s using the Revell rattle-can.
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Yes, that new Revell Chrome is good as it is .
But you can’t do anything with it after drying , no coating, No polish , nothing . Everything i have tryed turned it into mat grey , just a “one trick Pony” .

The spoon test isn’t an accurate method because the styrene formulation used to manufacture spoons is different from what individual kit manufacturers use to produce their models. You’d obtain more reliable results by applying it on the parts tree from a specific model kit. As mentioned in other modeling fora, clear topcoats affect the NMF reflectivity of GSW Chrome.