Looking for two sets of Dragon MLRS sprockets

As the title says, I am looking for two complete sets of Dragon M270 MLRS sprockets (4 complete sprockets). If you have a couple trashed MLRS launchers, let me know.

I can trade for or buy them.

Thanks in advance.

That’s kind of a tall order. I can only find three and a half complete sets at the moment.

But then, as some folks know, I’ve got these kits and dozens of Bradleys stashed all over the place, including in ammo cans outside my house. Since I never throw anything away I may find the other half.

But I have to ask: Aren’t the leftover MENG sprockets better?

Yes, if you have Meng sprockets, I’ll definitely take them. I didn’t think anyone would have Meng ones as left-overs or from an old build yet. I’ll take Orochi/Kinetic ones, or Hobby Boss LVTP7/AAVP7 sprockets too if you or anyone else has some. Let me know what you want for them.

I forgot about them, yes I do have a set. I’ll take one set of the MLRS sprockets you do have though. What do you need/want for them? PM me.