Looking for US Army Bumper Codes

I just picked up Takom’s M60A3 with the dozer blade and would like to build a M88A1 and M151 to go with one of the decal options for the M60A3 - the 33rd Armored Regiment, 3rd Armored Division circa 1985. The only problem is cannot figure out what the “bumper codes” would be for either vehicle attached to 33rd Armored Regiment (or if not that, the 3rd Armored Division).

For the M88A1, I am guessing it would be something like 3-2-33 [Division, Battalion, Regiment] on the left side, facing the front of the tank and then HQ??? on the right side. But, I am clueless as far as the M151 goes. I would suspect that the left side would be similar to the M60A3 and M88A1, but I have no clue what would be on the other side.

If anyone can help a newbie out with this, I would appreciate it.


They have bumpercodes in large and small size.



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You are correct about the left side bumper numbers. They would be the same on all three vehicle; all the vehicles in the Bn actually. The right sides would be slightly different for each vehicle.

The M88A1 would probably be something like HHC (HQ and HQ Company) 95, 96, 97, etc.; HHC 97. The 90 series was/is usually the maintenance section. It could also be assigned to one of the lettered companies; A 97, B 97, etc…

The M151 (it would be an M151A2) would most likely be a command or staff vehicle. It could be the Company Commander’s vehicle, which has a 6 bumper number; A 6, B 6, C 6. It could also be the Bn CDR’s vehicle, HQ 6; Bn S3, HQ 3, Bn S1; HQ 1, etc… HHC CDR would be HHC 6. 1SG would be A 7; B 7, C 7, etc…

Blade tanks of this period (in a tank BN) belonged exclusively to the company XO, therefore the bumper number on the right side as you look at the tank (or drivers left) would be company letter (A-D) -65.

Thanks all for the help. And yes, I will be building a M151A2 (actually, it will likely be first one as it is small, and we’re in the process of moving). I had found the Academy kit with the hard top and trailer a few years back and stashed it away in the back of the closet for times like this.

For the unit markings on the right front there is a triangle (indicating an armor unit) between the 3 (division) and 2 (battalion) markings with a dash between battalion and regiment as you indicate. The M88s were numbered, in the three battalions/squadrons in which I served from 1975-87, were as follows: Tank companies: A-88, B-88, C-88, and after reorganization from H-MTOE to J-MTOE (tables of organization), D-88 was added for Company D. The two M-88s in the Battalion Maintenance Platoon were HQ-88 and H-89. The listing HeavyArty list for the 1/4-tons is generally correct with a couple of changes for mid-late 70s and very early 80s (dependent on MTOE in use). Within the tank companies the two M151A2s were HQ-6, as stated by HeavyArty and HQ-5 for the XO/1SG. If the M88 in your dio is to be from a tank company, then most likely the 1/4-ton will he A/B/C/D-5 and later when the battalions added a Civil Affairs (S-5) , A/B/C/D-5 became -7 as stated by HeavyArty.

Do you know the difference between large and small (both sets are 1/35 as far as I know) ?
I need some bumper codes for a M113.

Thanks - Roger

Hi, small ones should do the trick.
They are made for small vehicles such as M-113 or M-151.

Here’s a good photo of the bumper codes from a sister battalion. Don’t forget the triangles to designate the armor division and regiment.