Looking for USMC M60A1 unit ID/markings

Google hasn’t been my friend, I’ve found a couple of photos of a USMC coming ashore, in Beirut (in 1983) with the graphic: “PSYCHO” on the fume extractor. But I’ve not found any photos of that particular tank’s Unit/ID markings. In the past I’ve seen USMC armor w/various ID markings on the front, rear & sides? Might anyone have a suggestion or any info. Thank you.


It is not the whole book but it includes some useful info

From all the photos I have, the tanks have either very small markings or none visible.


In 1983 these units were attached to different MAUs that were deployed at different times to Beirut. I believe at that time platoons were still 5 tanks. Not sure what additional tanks were added to the first listing.

(24th MAU) 1st Platoon (Reinforced), Company D, 2d Tank Battalion

(22nd MAU) 1st Platoon, Company C, 2d Tank Battalion

(24th MAU) 3d Platoon, Company A, 2d Tank Battalion

Not really any resources that captured tank names and units. Probably searching for the MAU might find more photos. Doesn’t appear these tanks had USMC serial number on the sponson box.


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Thank you Nikos & Ryan, I appreciate your effort & info. Nikos, I agree, the MC M60s had either very small or obscured markings. Ryan, Thank you for the MAU platoons, I’ll do some searching…
I’ve not built any of the more recent M60 offerings…was hoping perhaps one of them might have had cold war era markings.
Will cont. the hunt.
Best regards & Thanks.

Most times you’re not going to get a lot of identifying markings on Marine vehicles. Typically you will have USMC and serial number on sides. Might have a name or markings on the barrel, tank number like C2 or a chevon on the turret. All of this is unit SOP for the movement at the time. All those photos show only the tank name on the barrel at best.

So I would build to that photo with just the name on the barrel. If you have a link to the photo, might be able to pick out more information.

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I think that this is the photo

Most probably there are some id numbers on the side of the front fender stowage basket and maybe some markings on the front similar to these examples:

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Cool. Do you know who posted the first photo? Like a NARA photo etc.

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Got it from FB some time back, no decent info on the file properties or the name

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@TopSmith might be able to provide some more information on markings in the 80’s.

The second photo has a N or probably H51 on the fender and a four digit code on the hull which is either the RUC (unit number) or generic motor pool number.

The third photo has only USMC and serial number on the sponson.

The forth has USMC and serial number, then below that the RUC (unit number). The 271 30K is a shipping/motor pool number. That is also appears to be a Gulf War tank with the ERA brackets attached.

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Says May 83 so most likely 1st Platoon, Company C, 2d Tank Battalion unless there was another detachment sent outside of the MAU but not probable. So searches for 24th MAU or BLT 1/8 might result in some more photo with a M60 in the frame.