Looking for vendor feedback on Flying Leathernecks

Anyone use them for a commission build? I’ve waited a year since sending payment, plus the kit and decals, but keep getting stories.

Are you talking about this Flying Leathernecks?

Yes that is the outfit, a fellow named Dave Roof. Connected on their Facebook page where he advertised custom F-18 builds.

Didn’t recall him doing commission builds but I don’t get all up in his business either. I have know Dave for along time. I have not heard of him not delivering but unfortunately it’s been documented that he is not quick. Wish I had more cheerful news to deliver.

OK thanks for your candid response :frowning:

I’ve known Dave for over 20 years before he started his own line of Marine Corps aircraft accessories. Unfortunately he is slow & folks do get a lot of excuses from him when ordering this or that from him. Your mileage may vary. He has always delivered eventually. Most of time slowly but he has delivered promptly, too. It just depends. He’s never not refunded your money if something cannot be made good upon.

I’ve never known him to do commission builds or even finish his own modeling projects. Perhaps this is something he’s exploring or has started offering lately? The man is a brother Marine & I’m not responding just to rip him. In his defense, he has had a rough go the last couple decades. That’s his story to tell. I always give him the benefit of the doubt. Hope this helps & if you’re reading this Dave, Semper fi.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply Masterguns. I held off responding until I received a package in the mail from Dave. It was the return of my original kit, un-started and as-sent with the decals and detail parts I provided. Dave also threw in a couple of upgrade pieces from his catalog, which was nice. So now I am exactly where I was 15 months ago; with a kit looking for a quality builder.