Looking for Verlinden 1/35 Zeltbahn

I am looking for the Verlinden 1/35th scale German Zeltbahn, NOT number 184.
I believe the product number is 187. It is the printed version not the decal version. I will pay trade whatever is required

Check eBay

Your title doesn’t say which camo pattern you are after.
Checkout ETA Productions, as here ETA Productions on Scalelink

UK source: FOG Models UK Zeltbahn
AUS source: BNA Modelworld AUS

Alternative Medico’s D-tails Medico’s D-tails on Armorama

so, I am a tad cranky so please don’t take this personal, I did check out e-bay
As for ETA their products DON’T lend themselves to the white glue and water treatment, BUT thanks for the thought

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