Looking to buy 1/72 U Boat Type VII pressure hull

Thank you very much

Not the aftermarket you are looking for
but this book would be useful if you decide to try scratchbuilding the suff inside those openings.

I need one as well, and the one company that made them is not making them anymore. I did manage to get the wood decking and a couple photo etch kits. The 88mm gun is not done anymore as well, but there was one done in white metal (maybe White Ensign).

The 88mm gun is a good item for 3D printing as well as the sail (there were two or three different types). The props may still be out there. I’m going to build U977 one of these days

I think the 88 may still be available from Eduard. The pressure hull was Yankee Model works then
Blue Water Navy - or was it the other way round ?

Here you go gents …

That 88 they used is kind of an oddball gun, so I won’t say. I never was too worried about the pressure hull, as it’s very hard to even tell if it’s there with a wood deck, but the gun is another story.

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