Looking to buy Takom Otto Carius tiger kit 2200

Someone may not want to build all three tigers in the big box and I have the Tamiya’s version and want an updated version.

I’m sorry, but what kind of person would buy three Tigers and not want to build them all? I don’t understand your request or how it is even possible.

You should really just buy 3 more Tigers.

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I already have 3 waiting in the stash. 6 in the stash would be a bit much even for me.

I have nine. You have unrealized potential left.

Realize that potential.


It’s not as unlikely as you think; I would happily sell him one if I wasn’t already building it for a friend as a gift. There might be somebody out there (like me) who would sell him one. If not, @TopSmith I would suggest checking AHHQ, he might have some at really good prices.

All three kits will eventually be released individually so why not just wait until they are?

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Hi Greg, Brekinapez makes a good point. I probably have enough Tigers in my possession to start my own Heavy Division, including 3 of those first issue Dragon kits, the ones with all the goodies.
Anyway, I got the Big Tiger Box and if you would like the Carius kit from it. It’s yours!
I’ve bought a few kits from you in the past. We could work out a trade if you want to go that route.
CK also has an idea too. Sprue has the kits for $43? No idea what Andy’s price is. Probably worth checking though.
The Mrs. gave me so much kaka when that box hit the door. “Why do you need 3 of the same thing?”
If she only knew what lurks in the stash…


My wife bought my box.

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Thank you all.
Scalehobbiest said the individual kits would be arriving mid march so problem averted. Said one will be set aside for me. :grinning:

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You’ll go crawling back for the other two. Just a matter of time.

Just let it happen…

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Y’all are hilarious! I’m just here for the comments. :laughing:

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The only advantage Tamiya Otto C’s tiger has over Dragons or Takoms is that it requires you add Zimm. I have a set of Atak for the Tamiya kit. This is noteworthy because the hull front on his 217 had extensive Zimm damage that could be replicated by cutting the add on zimm. This was a unique feature of his tank, if that was important to you.

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Andy’s HHQ has them now for $39.99 USD. Thought I’d let you know, not sure what ScaleHobbiest is asking for them.