Loosing functions

I am loosing functions on forums - I can only occasionally “like “ posts - icon is gone so nothing to click on and now I can’t edit posts - icon gone - nor can I add photos, again no icon to select .
What’s up ?

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No idea after looking at your member admin page. There are no restrictions or anything like that listed and you have level 3 (highest) tier member status. Is it like this on all platforms/devices?


Richard resist the urge to sing “Daisy”.

Apologies, seriously I’m curious to know the reason/fix too.

All ok on my iPhone so the problem must be with my iPad . I am not real good with this stuff so I may have to hand off to one of my kids …

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That sounds like the page did not load correctly which may indicate a connectivity issue. Something as simple as reloading the page may help.

Some more easy things that might help:

  1. Reboot. Sometimes a computer can get wonky after a update that happened in the background.

  2. Clear Armorama stuff out of the web browser cache. Maybe some old files are goofing something up.

  3. Check your remaining disk space. All sorts of crazy things can happen when a computer starts running out of room.

Unfortunately, it could be a hundred different things and they get progressively more complicated to diagnose and fix.


You might try a ‘Hard Reboot.’
‘Volume UP + ‘Volume DOWN’ + then hold down the ‘ON’ button until the Apple icon appears, then let go.

Helps to do this occasionally, especially after Apple updates iOS and iPadOS. :green_apple:


Thanks Mike - tried that but no difference. Have cleared browser as I often do .Checked available
Capacity - using 28 gb of 36 available. Is this excessive? Having no problems on other websites,
only Kitmaker . I think I need to hand off to someone more tech savvy with this …

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That is a little tight for my taste.


So am I, but it would be embarrassing to go into more detail; I am assured it is a natural part of the aging process. I was informed a little blue pill would help, but in my experience Finasteride doesn’t - rather the opposite. Fortunately I can browse the net where memory fails, there’s nothing wrong with my computer at least…
:hourglass: :low_battery: :arrow_heading_down::-1:


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Ha - if I am correct in thinking I know the function you are referring to - that function still works just fine . The problem is finding cooperation when I want to take advantage of the function we are talking about…

@RDT1953 @MoramarthT
What the future might bring…