Lost Starship Found? The Resurfaced 3 foot Star Trek Enterprise Model from 1964

The original 3 foot Star Trek USS Enterprise model by Richard Datin owned by Gene Roddenberry that was stolen may have been found.

Warms my heart as a life long Star Trek Original Series fan. Hope it proves true.


The story is interesting, if true wow. But am I the only one who wants to slap around the story teller and say STFU and tell the story now.


It’s definitely a fascinating story and it did seem he beat around the bush in the video. Probably just stunned and in shock :astonished:

Memory-Alpha: Richard_C._Datin,_Jr. has more history details and is well worth reading. Datin was the midel builder. He had a hell of a time getting acknowledged as the model builder and the article covers the story. Interesting details like the Smithsonian refusing to accept the blueprints for building the models due to red tape.



One of the 18" AMT Enterprise model kits used on the original Star Trek series survived and ended up in a museum.

Seems like a nice follow up to the earlier video.

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I watched the whole video and found it very interesting. Every word was new and interesting information for me (not being a Star Trek fan and knowing everything about everything).
The video creator goes through the details of the history and the model and builds a “case” to show that this is the actual model used way back then.

Getting bored by something we already know is a very human reaction. Those who know the history of this model get very little new information, those who know Jack Sh*t about it get a lot of information.
Getting bored is perfectly allowable, assuming that others would get bored is getting close to overbearing.


Update with comments from Rod Roddenberry, Gene Roddenberry’s son.

Bonus pictures of the original now restored Galileo shuttle craft too…