Self indulgent Authors

That’s why I asked about examples to be able to make up my own mind.
Being able to see/read what someone else finds too much, wrong, too little, snarky, lame or whatever makes it easier to understand and evaluate the gripe. Potentially even being able to solve the problem.

The only example I have seen so far is this:

which contains this post:

I viewed the whole “offensive” video and posted this comment:

It is impossible to change something perceived as wrong when the “offending” item can not be produced for evaluation. Finding the “correct” level of information, background, witty remarks et.c. is near impossible if the only feedback is that some posters do too much of something.
Some like an answer with extra information, some prefer a short answer which barely answers the question.
Any answer could possibly offend either or both of these categories.

Finally: “the writer is spending more time thinking of witty remarks then information”
Witty remarks come extremely easy for some and may take a long time for others.
Which reader of any text has the ability to judge how much time the writer has spent on doing one thing or another? I could spend months or years compiling an answer to a question about Tiger I which a well known Tiger I expert could rattle off more or less in his sleep. Who spent the most time on the answer? Which answer was most valuable to the person asking the question? Hint: Not mine since it took way too much time to provide.
Would the word ‘presumptuous’ be applicable or would ‘arrogant’ be a better fit?

Generalised complaints without examples could be seen as trolling …