LRRP Vietnam scale 1/10 converted

Not always satisfied with the result of some bust, but everything is a learning process.
The original bust is from Young miniatures, I just did some conversion on the front of the figure.
Cutting of the life vest and re sculpting some gear.

_DSC5978 _DSC5979 _DSC5980 _DSC5981 _DSC6007 _DSC6007a _DSC6008

I’m always starting with the face, its the soul of each figure and specially on al large scale 75 mm up.
Below 54 mm its imported but not always a breaking point. I will never try painting eyes details on that scale

When I’m satisfied with the face I will paint the rest of the figure

_DSC6274 _DSC6275 _DSC6276 _DSC6277 _DSC6278 _DSC6279 _DSC6280 _DSC6281

For this figure I have chosen for no weathering ore aging, just arrived in the jungle.

Grtx Jan


The bust looks great. :+1:

I like it! I congratulate you on the courage to cut up such a magnificent bust and convert it to your preferences. You did a great job with resculpting garb and gear.

The tiger stripe camo looks very cool. What did you use for the whip antenna?


Mario, mostly I use for something like this a strip of foil cut out of a mustard tube.
the small straps around the antenna are made from loid foil.
It’s strong enough and flexible, you can also use some thin plastic card strip cut in the right proportions.
Gonna take some photo’s from the material.

Your figure building and painting and finishing are exceptional Jan… Brilliant

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the typical things I use for straps, antennas, belts and other small parts.
Aluminium Foil, recovered from the kitchen of my wife
lowensenf tube

After use cutting it open, clean it
thickness, between 0.2 and 0.3 mm, flexible and robust, not always easy to fold.

lead foil, I have brought mine to a jewellery, thickness wat the jewellery wont to do.
You don’t have to by a roll, search for a remainder by a plumber or roof builder.

you can use it for almost everything straps, belts, tarp


Grtx Jan