LTB 1/32 older Revell or Modelcraft Mosquito Mk IV

Thanks I’m in Kentucky 40220

That the one?

Yes that strange that it’s molded in gray but I like that much better than the old green plastic they used in the 60’s when the kit was produced. I’m in Kentucky and if you can put in a smaller box that may save shipping that would work as well.

I can try but the sprues are kind of long as it is. I was already looking to see if it might go in a priority box but I can probably cobble something together if you don’t need the kit box - I just need to get the long dimension under 17 inches. Depending on final weight shipping would be in the $10-15 range I believe. Does $25 plus whatever the shipping comes to (~$35-40 total?) sound fair?

I would like to stay around the $30isg range total if there’s anyway possible,

That mosquito box you have a very small if I remember correctly,

Let me know I hope we can work something out.

Let me know the total please. I’m trying to find old PD decals for HH S.

$35 total? It may also take me a couple of days to get it out as I have family visiting this weekend starting Thursday evening so I will have 7 guests including a toddler to handle. But my goal would be by Monday.

All good that should be fine, I have a lot of decals if you are looking for anything I mostly do 1/32. Just throwing that out if you’re interested. Thanks I still really surprised the kit is molded in gray……

Okay, I’ll get everything ready and let you know when it is launched.

I’ll have to get back to you on the decals.

All good hope you had a good time with all your guest this weekend.

Let me know and here is my address

Sean Oyler
3426 Eastside Drive
Louisville Ky 40220

Thanks. I am getting things together for my wife to drop off tomorrow hopefully. I will send you my Paypal info shortly in a PM.

Ok let me know I appreciate the help.

Let me know your PayPal when you can please.

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