Lucky British Soldier Shows Off His Damaged Helmet, 1917 by JM Gómez García | Armorama™

This impressive vignette/diorama is completely scratched and built the base and figures from what was an actual event in 1917 during the constant German artillery pounding the British trenches. “Saved by shrapnel helmet. This soldier, on the way to hospital after being bandaged at Field Dressing Station, shows the helmet which saved his life”.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at

Its really nice to see something like this where a photo, which is nicely reproduced on the base in a neat touch, inspires a little vignette like this. Its just small and compact enough to tell the story and show a bit of interaction. The figure painting is first class- particularly the leather items and the trench/dugout section is nicely weathered and dirty.

am i the only one that wonders what happened to that soldier, did he survive the war and if so, what did he do with the rest of his life?

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The only thing that I would ding is that the officer can’t see the hole from that POV.

Rotate the helmet a little?