Luftbeweglicher Waffenträger

Will THIS…

be the replacement of Wiesel 1 TOW and Mk.?


They need these:


Image is not showing. :frowning_face:

Weird. I can see it. Wonder if it’s an IP block due to European law?

Search on ‘dinky shado rocket launcher’

Oh wow, what a machine! Its go the lot, weird shape, three windows, strange tracks, slab sides, slab front and a massive gun. Its perfect.

Herrmann, do you know how big is this compared to the Wiesel?

Hi Karl,
I don`t think it will be bigger than a Wiesel 2, it has to fit inside our CH-53G helicopter.

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I want one of those to replace my SUV. Don’t tell me I can’t go there. Even without the gun.

Sorry Sgt. Toms, it has to be developed first. :laughing: Ask again in 10 years.

That’s just too cool. I’ll wait.

@brekinapez, holy smokes!! I had one of those!!

I could park ANYWHERE … Period!

Awwww look it’s a Bandvagn with firepower! It’s so cute :pleading_face:

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WoW …a Tank couldn’t be more cute than that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:… it could be the new replacement for the VW Combi! … I would see myself and the miss go camping with that … noisy drunk neighbors? problem!.. :tanks:

But is it a rendering or a prototype? … I don’t understand it looks like a digital rendering to me

It´s still a concept. Maybe we will see more in a few years.

It’s from soldat-und-technik a German subscription channel. this is a concept vehicle only, (so far as I could read)

It looks to me like the bastard love child of a Wiesel, Puma, and Fenneck… Why the split track?

Finally made it into steel.

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I hope it makes it into plastic someday!

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